Chi Alpha Is On A Mission

2 Corinthians 5:20 tells us that we are now Christ’s Ambassadors, that we are His sent ones.  So we aren’t on our own mission, but Christ’s and we each have a role to play in His Kingdom.  That includes the students to whom we minister – they get to be a part of it.  As Chi Alpha, we are called to work alongside Him in our Universities.

Every great revival in our history has been started by young people, by college-age people who want to see the world changed. We believe we can be a part of the next great movement of God across our country and we believe college students will be at the very start of it.

We may not win the culture war but we do know God wants everyone and we believe college ministry is the most strategic mission field today.  Thats why we want to equip and empower college students to be disciples who can disciple others.

Why We Need to Go to the University

Critical Time in Peoples’ Lives

We know a lot of people push Christianity or Jesus away.  Sometimes it’s due to lack of understanding in regards to why Christians do certain things and steer clear of other things.  Sometimes it’s because of a lack of logical proof.  Other times its due to the countless stories, or even personal experiences, of being hurt by the Church.  And Universities and the culture instilled within them have often been one of the largest voices against Christian faith.

We aren’t here to condemn the university or college students, and we’re not here prove that Christians aren’t bad people; in fact we’re a bunch of screwed up people, learning what it means to follow Jesus.

But what remains is this: We are seeing great depths of brokenness on our university campuses. Depression is rampant, alcohol abuse is expected, and sexual assault is through the roof. Students are also trying to figure out who they are and our world has so much to say about their identity formation right now. We look at all these circumstances and see a huge need – this generation has no real grasp of who Jesus really is, what He is all about and how He meets us now.  This is a critical time in their identity formation.

Protect the Investment

Even our Christian students coming into college are struggling, many walking away. The numbers are staggering. But we want to protect the investment churches and families have made in the lives of these students, by inviting them into community of other believers. We’ve found community makes the difference. And more than that, we want to help all of our students truly understand how to live in light of the Gospel in our world today – to equip them to go and be disciples who disciple others, while in college as well as after they graduate – in their vocations, their neighborhoods and their families.

Future Leaders

We believe college culture is a picture of what our world will look like in 10 years, because students today will be our leaders all over the world in 10 years.  So what they say, value and develop now will eventually spill into our world.  So our work to speak the Gospel into students lives is incredibly important!  These are our future CEOs, Developers, Politicians, and most importantly, our future moms and dads.  

Reach the Lost

This is why we so much want to not only protect and continue the investment churches and families have made in those who already believe, but also reach those who don’t yet know the incredible reality that is the Gospel.

Reach the International Students

In this is the opportunity and necessity to reach the international students coming to our universities.  This adds to the strategic nature of our mission field – we don’t always need to go to every corner of the world if the world is coming to us.  We must not miss the opportunity to not only share the Gospel with international students, but welcome them into community, equipping and empowering them to be a disciple who disciples others even now while they are students in America!  We need them and Jesus wants them.


 How You Can Help

We need your help in this.  We need your prayers as we remain in Christ, are filled with His Spirit and empowered to engage our universities.  And we need your support.  If your heart is stirred by this, please contact us below, give if you feel called to give and read up on what’s happening through our blog.


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