It starts with culture

The real question is what are students experiencing right now?  What is their reality, and what are they striving or longing for?  What do they crave?   What is valuable to a UWM student and what isn’t?  We need to understand their culture so we can speak their language, get in their world, feel their hurt and their pain.  And through this we can see how Jesus celebrates some areas of their values and yet at the same time radically challenges and reshapes those values, showing how He is the fulfillment of their greatest needs and desires.

From this starting point, here are 4 ways in which we will begin ministering to UWM.


This is the reason for everything we do.  It starts with Jesus.  We want to continue to be centered on Him, daily and daily let Him spill out of us.  Whether it is a worship service, small group, dinner together, walking on campus, or grocery shopping, we want to always be prepared to let the Gospel spill out of us in a way that relates to UWM culture.


Our heart is to see every student empowered by the Holy Spirit to go and be a disciple who disciples others after they graduate.  To do this, we will begin with this in mind, teaching them what the Gospel implications are for every area of life, in jobs, parenting, finances, churches, and grocery shopping.
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When we encounter Jesus, everything changes.  And we believe that as we look at Him, not only are we changed internally, but He changes how we look at people.  He fills us with grace and love for the other. This Gospel leads us to an authentic community, that empowers us to live in light of Him, each and every day, as we encourage each other.
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Although Christianity can often be a perceived enemy of the University, our heart is to partner with them, to show our genuine care for students and their development and growth.  This is a win for the university and we want to foster relationships with the faculty and staff of UWM as well as our neighborhood.
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